Hello There!

We live in a world of stories. Some told, some yet untold.DSC_2241

I read all the stories written and attempt to pen down the ones ready to be shared.

As a child my fondest dream had been to get lost in a huge library much to my mother’s worry. The fantasy section especially. Today I just add more books to the collection at home.

I did try to grow up. Seriously. After 3 masters degree in management and psychology and years of teaching the same to management graduates my nose was still firmly stuck within the pages of a book.

Stories pull me back to their world. The untold ones even stronger. Stories spin from a potter’s wheel; they come out in blue flames from a witch’s cauldron or come woven in a tapestry. My work is to see and capture them in words.

Nowadays I teach the younger and more imaginative minds and spin stories in my spare time.

My aim is to create a passion for reading in all the lives I can touch. I try to tell stories, read them out and generally extend the happiness of a good story all around.

Because once upon a time, lasts forever.

You can visit my writings page to see my published works.

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